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6 fantastic reasons to sail with the JST...

Going aloft, helming, setting sails - a voyage with us offers hands-on adventure.
Here at the JST we are used to accommodating sailors of all abilities. Whether you are a tall ship enthusiast, fair-weather sailor or have never stepped on board a ship, the JST is perfect for you. We offer a range of voyages from epic passages, to day sails in local waters for a taste of life at sea.

Discover some incredible stories of bravery and courage… On a JST voyage you will be sailing alongside people in wheelchairs, those with visual and hearing impairments and other disabilities. By throwing yourself into this diverse team you will learn an incredible amount about your perception of what’s possible, both within yourself and within other people.

Work together and improve your life skills. There is something truly magical about sailing under the power of the elements alongside your fellow voyage crew. On a voyage with us you will learn the value of communication, the genuine need for each person to play their part in the team and the significance of leadership skills in a pressurised but fulfilling environment.

Explore the planet from the decks of a magnificent tall ship. A voyage with the JST is the very definition of adventure. From Tenacious’ overseas odyssey to the South Pacific and Australia, to Lord Nelson’s European Tall Ships Races in Gothenburg and Lisbon, there is no better way to discover the hidden corners of our planet Earth.

From exotic birds to brilliant beasts, you can see them all. There really is nothing like seeing the wonders of the natural world. Imagine dolphins skipping playfully alongside the ship, or an albatross gliding overhead - you will have the opportunity to experience wildlife in a truly unique way. All of this and more is possible on board a JST voyage.

The camaraderie of ship life means firm friendships are formed. On our tall ships you will meet some remarkable people. Trainee voyage crew from all walks of life are brought together to experience a unique adventure, and these people become your ‘family’ while on board. You will laugh, sail, explore, learn and discover…together. You will be sure to make friends for life.

About the Jubilee Sailling Trust

The Jubilee Sailing Trust (JST) is a globally-unique, UN-accredited not-for-profit which utilises the adventure of tall ship sailing to unlock human potential and break down barriers between people of different circumstances especially between people with physically disability and those without.

The JST has designed and built two special purpose tall ships (Lord Nelson and Tenacious) which include features not seen on other vessels so crew members with disability and those without can work together side-by-side. There are no passengers and no restrictions. In this way, a JST voyage provides a unique environment where disability is not a factor and those with disability can operate as equals, where everyone comes together to work as a single team. 


This shared adventure and teamwork, in a structured environment, quickly breaks down barriers between people who may not have previously interacted and changes perceptions of what is humanly possible. The JST has received the rare honour of being accredited by the United Nations for the charity’s tireless work on disability and inclusion and support for the UN’s Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The JST is now part of an extremely select group of just 254 accredited charities and NGOs around the world. Since the early days, the JST has provided never-to-forget adventures to almost 45,000 people, including: 5,548 wheelchair users; 1,899 people who are blind; 547 amputees; 1,671 with cerebral palsy; and 1,295 with hearing impairment A voyage with the JST is about joining in and getting involved in all aspects of sailing the ship, regardless of your physical ability. Whether you are a tall ship enthusiast, fair-weather sailor or complete beginner - we welcome everyone. Don’t worry if you haven’t sailed before - most people step on board Tenacious with no experience of sailing a tall ship, so you won’t be alone! Our permanent crew will support you through all the tasks involved with sailing the ship.

About Tenacious

Since its inception in 1978 the Jubilee Sailing Trust has strived to enable people of all physical abilities to sail. In the early 1990’s it was becoming clear that the mission was becoming increasingly popular. The Jubilee Sailing Trust’s ship Lord Nelson, commissioned and specifically designed for the trust, was unable to continue to supply the growing demand.

With this in mind Lindsey Neve, then director of the JST made it her aim to fundraise for the build of a new ship. A new committee was set up comprising six members of whom five were volunteers.

In July 1995, the National Lottery awarded the trust 65% of the estimated cost of such a large project. Initial funding secured, the project got fully underway.

After extensive research and negotiations, the new ship committee chose Merlin Quay, a site that included an old office block. The site was renamed Jubilee Yard.



Now funding was in place, Tony Castro’s design JST/02 which took over 2½ years to fully complete (and at one point involved 25 people working from four offices to complete all the drawings), could get underway.

On the 6th of June 1996 HRH The Duke of York hammered golden rivets into Siberian Larchwood during the “keel laying ceremony” and work could officially begin.

The timber frames used to construct the hull were first cut in Aug 1996, whilst work began on the old office block the JST acquired. The building was to be transformed into accommodation for volunteers who would stay for “Shorewatch” holidays and offices for the JST. During their stay volunteers of all physical abilities enjoyed helping the shipwrights in the construction of the ship.

Constructed upside down, the wooden hull was finally turned the right way up on the 23rd October 1998 in an extravagant ceremony with The Duke of York. The turning process involved fitting large circular turning clamps to the hull and took just over one hour.

With the hull the correct way up, fitting out the interior of the vessel could begin. Prefabricated sections were put in place, including the fixed bunks designed to be wider on the bottom bunk to enable wheelchair users easier access.

On Thursday the 3rd of February 2000 Tenacious was ready to leave the yard, and to a great many people it was an emotional day. Crowds gathered to get a glimpse of Tenacious as she saw daylight for the first time. Transporters drove the ship towards the barge which was to send Tenacious into her natural element. The following day tug boats took Tenacious to Vosper Thornycroft to have the masts and yards fitted.

On the 6th of April 2000 Tenacious was officially named in a ceremony attended by HRH The Duke of York.



Tenacious sailed on her maiden voyage 1,548 days after her keel was laid, on 1st September 2000 from Southampton to Southampton calling at Sark, St Helier and Weymouth. She has been delivering freedom, fun and adventure for everyone ever since.












Program 2016/17



January 2


2 Jan 2017 to 12 Jan 2017 (11 days)

$3,025 (plus GST) TNS477

From our berth at our base at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Darling Harbour, we will travel south down the Sapphire Coast to the secluded anchorage at Twofold Bay. Passing Australia’s south eastern corner into Bass Strait we may look to rest up at Refuge Cove or shelter in the lee of Deal Island before heading for home in Williamstown’s Seaworks.

January 13

MELBOURNE ROUND TRIP  13 Jan 2017 to 20 Jan 2017

(8 days)

$2,000 (plus GST) TNS 478

This eight day voyage will see Tenacious explore the full delights of the waters around Melbourne before following the routes of the global seafarers through The Rip, passing Victoria’s other large natural harbour Western Port and on to Bass Strait. Depending on which way the wind is blowing we hope to voyage on towards King Island or the Furneaux Group, perhaps further East rounding the beautiful Wilson Promontory National Park toward the Gippsland lakes or it may be that we head West to see the Twelve Apostles and the imposing Shipwreck Coast.

February 2017


2 Feb to 11 Feb 2017 (10 days)

$3.300 (plus GST) TNS479

This voyage is one not to be missed. Not only will you tackle the infamous Bass Strait, experiencing some of the most extreme sailing on the planet; but you will also be a part of the crew aboard Tenacious (the largest operative wooden hulled ship in the world) as she takes pride of place at the Parade of Sail into the Wooden Boat Festival on the Friday. You’ll then have an extra day to soak up the excitement of the festival.


14 Feb to 19 Feb (6 days)

$1,520 (plus GST) TNS480

This truly once-in-a-lifetime voyage sees Tenacious join a fleet of tall ships of every size, shape and age from the Wooden Boat Festival to form an historic convoy that will cruise in company and tour the stunning waters of South Tasmania.


20 Feb - 1 Mar (10 days)

$2,530 (plus GST) TNS481

Join Tenacious as she leaves behind the still waters of Derwent River and crosses the infamously challenging sailing waters of the Bass Strait and into the Tasman Sea to head north towards Sydney. Skirting the azure seas and white sands of the Sapphire Coast, you will end this exceptional voyage by passing under Sydney Harbour Bridge and berthing at our base at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Darling Harbour.

March 2017

April 2017


6 Mar to 10 Mar (5 days)

$1,155 (plus GST) TNS482

Join Tenacious on this short voyage to depart and return from our base at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Darling Harbour. You will pass under the Harbour Bridge before setting sail out from Watsons Bay into the Pacific Ocean. From here, we are guided by the direction of the winds with multiple possibilities for exploration including the coastline of Bondi Beach, or out past Manly and Freshwater towards the white sands of Whale Beach.


20 Mar to 31 Mar (12 days)

$3,040 (plus GST) TNS484

Join Tenacious at our base at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Darling Harbour and pass under the Harbour Bridge and past the Opera House, before departing out into the Tasman Sea and taking a rest stop in Hobart. You will then crew the ship back to her home port of Melbourne through the challenging waters of the Bass Strait. This twelve day voyage is perfect for everyone from a complete beginner to seasoned sailor.

MELBOURNE Easter Voyage

3 Apr to 7 Apr (5 days)

$1,850 (plus GST) TNS485

Spend your Easter on board Tenacious for this exciting voyage following the channels of global seafarers to The Rip and explore the full delights of the waters around Melbourne. Depending on which way the wind is blowing, we hope to voyage on toward Phillip Island, French Island or out toward Flinders Island (where west-to-east winds attract yachtsmen from around the world).


April 2017


10 Apr to 14 Apr (5 days)

$1,510 (plus GST) TNS486

Join the crew of Tenacious for this once-in-a-life time five day voyage around Port Philip with a possible anchor off Portarlington famed for its sweet Blue Mussels, before heading to Geelong where Tenacious will take pride of place as the host vessel for the Hansa Class Combined Asia Pacific Championships (TBC). Alternatively we will sail back into our homeport at Williamstown (Melbourne) as a final celebration of JST Australia’s 2016/17 voyage programme.

May 2017


3 May to 23 May  (21 days)

$5,182 (plus GST) TNS487

Get a taste of life at sea on our fabulous ship Tenacious! Harness the power of wind and ocean as you sail from Australia to New Zealand the traditional way.  This is an opportunity of a lifetime, blue water sailing out of sight of land, to experience the passage tall ships were made to sail. Along with the variety of marine life you’ll encounter on this longer passage voyage across the Tasman Sea, you’ll experience the routines of the ship, learn new skills like celestial navigation, and form deep and lifelong friendships.  Enjoy the rhythms of wind and wave as you settle into life with your watch and the routines of the ship Put your new skills to the test in this challenging blue water crossing and feel the satisfaction when you get your first sight of Aotearoa, the land of the long white cloud.



5 Jun to 16 Jun  (12 days)

$2,961  TNS489

Challenge yourself on the passage from Wellington to Auckland, over 12 days of sailing up the notorious Wairarapa Coast. We’ll pass Young Nick’s Head, where Cook first sighted New Zealand in 1769, and perhaps make a stop into the art deco town of Napier. We will round the East Cape, sail across the Bay of Plenty and sight White Island, one of New Zealand’s active volcanoes, before sailing amongst the islands of the Hauraki Gulf, and into the City of Sails.


June 2017


16 Jun to 23 Jun  (5 days)

$1,234 TNS490

Enjoy five days in some of the best sailing playgrounds in the world. The stunning islands and wildlife of the Hauraki Gulf provide a great backdrop to your time onboard and truly spectacular views as you work aloft. Come aboard to have a tall ships adventure and sample some of the aspects that make sailing with the JST a unique experience. Try your hand at helming the ship, climbing the mast (weather permitting) or setting the sails and experience the views of Auckland from the water.


25 Jun to 4 Jul  (11 days)

$2,468  TNS491

Enjoy eleven days in some of the best sailing playgrounds in the world. Weather-permitting, Tenacious will head north into the Hauraki Gulf making her way to the Bay of Islands, a subtropical micro-region known for its stunning beauty & history. En-route we’ll sail past the marine reserve of Poor Knight’s Islands before rounding the “Hole in the Rock” at Cape Brett, into the Bay of Islands. You can have a tall ships adventure and sample some of the aspects that make sailing with the JST a unique experience. Try your hand at helming the ship, climbing the mast and setting the sails.

July 2017


27 Jul to  5 Aug (10 days)

$2,800 TNS492

Enjoy eleven days in some of the best sailing playgrounds in the world. Weather-permitting, Tenacious will head north into the Hauraki Gulf making her way to the Bay of Islands, a subtropical micro-region known for its stunning beauty & history. En-route we’ll sail past the marine reserve of Poor Knight’s Islands before rounding the “Hole in the Rock” at Cape Brett, into the Bay of Islands. You can have a tall ships adventure and sample some of the aspects that make sailing with the JST a unique experience. Try your hand at helming the ship, climbing the mast and setting the sails.

Day Sails


  • 8 Apr - $200
  • 9 Apr - $200


  • 27 May - $200
  • 28 May - $200


  • 17 Jun - $200
  • 18 Jun - $200
  • 20 Aug - $200


  • 23 Dec - $200
  • 28 Dec - $200
  • 11 Mar - $200
  • 12 Mar - $200
  • 18 Mar - $200
Contact us for more information or bookings

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Arthurs Seat Eagle Takes Flight

Today the new Arthurs Seat Skylift project has a new name - The Arthurs Seat Eagle.

The first of the 24 new Gondolas was unveiled today at the brand launch.

Eagle CEO, Hans Brugman said today:

The new name symbolised the “soaring flight” people would experience on the gondola, and paid homage to the wedge-tailed eagles that could be spotted from the ride.

With the arrival of the Gondolas from Switzerland, the project is on track for its December 3 official opening.

The Eagle will be a boon for Tourism on the Mornington Peninsula. The new Gondolas will seat 8 people and will also accommodate wheelchair users with level entry. 


Accessibility Features
  • Slow moving Gondolas in the stations allowing level access for wheelchairs, prams and strollers
  • Improved car parking overall and level accessible parking
  • Ramped access throughout
  • Accessible observations decks
  • Accessible toilets and a Changing Places facility
Official Brand Launch

Martin Dixon MP


Eagle CEO Hans Brugman

Ride the first Gondola at the Grand Opening


Place your bid and you and your seven guests could be riding the very first Gondola leaving the station at our Grand Opening on Saturday 3rd December. You will lead the celebrations - even beating the Premier to the number one spot! Plus, you will receive VIP treatment all day with complimentary food and beverages and all round star treatment.

All money raised at the auction will be donated to our neighbours – the Peninsula Specialist College and Dromana Primary School.

This is a once in a life time opportunity – don’t miss out!

Place your bid

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Jervis Bay Wild, An Accessible Whale Watching Experience

Jervis Bay is renowned for its natural beauty and extraordinary wildlife, such as dolphins, seals, sea birds, fairy penguins and migrating whales (from May through November). Rich in Australian history, Aboriginal culture and geological marvels, Jervis Bay is also famous for its diving, exceptionally clear water.

Experience the wonders of Jervis Bay on 18.5 metre catamaran Port Venture. She has five viewing levels, and has been specifically designed to suit all ages, especially those who are in wheelchairs or have a physical disability. Port Venture has disabled amenities on board and level walk/wheel on, and off ramp.

Guests with any type of disability can experience whale and dolphin watching, as well as be safely hoisted into the boom net or go snorkeling in the clear waters of Jervis Bay.

Once back on shore visit Jervis Bay Wild’s Portside Cafe to enjoy lunch or tea and a cake.  Portside has fully accessible amenities available.

Jarvis Bay Wild operates 365 days of the year and run a number of Eco tours consisting of:

Dolphin – all year round

Whale – mid-May to mid November

Summer – mid November to mid-May

Boom Netting – mid-November to mid-May

Twilight – December to April

Seal Colony – dependent on wind and sea conditions

Private Charters – to suit any occasion.



Father and Son Watching Dolphins


On the tip of the Bow


Boom Netting Hoist


Portside Cafe and Dock

About the Shoalhaven

The Shoalhaven is situated on the South Coast of NSW and includes Jervis Bay.

Around the Shoalhaven there are many activities suitable for travellers of any ability, their families and their friends, making this region the perfect destination for people who may require some extra care and assistance with their access requirements. Whether fishing from an accessible jetty, admiring the spectacular pristine, white sands around the Bay, or out on the water in a fully accessible boat for dolphin and whale watching For those who are more adventurous a hoist can lift you into the boom net or off the back of the boat to go snorkelling with the marine life.

There is a large range of accessible accommodations options available.


Visit the Its Heaven Website

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